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           Deep Fashion Studio

                      Textile Design & Production 

                                          istanbul / london

Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
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Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
Deep Fashion Studio
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     Deep Fashion Studio is  a full-service textile design and production company exporting various retail consumer products to a world wide customer base. Thanks to over 20 years experience and know-how in the textile sector, and to our own exclusive producers, we proudly export 100% “Made in Turkey” products with  private labels .

     With our strategic and competitive approach, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best possible design and production solutions. 


     We appreciate creativity which is always bringing additional aspects & fresh visions based on a global understanding of merchandising. Besides that, we  love what we are doing; bringing creative ideas, projects, dreams of our clients into the real life is wonderful. We work hard to meet our targets. We are responsible, knowing that our work has to be stand out of the crowd. 


      Our customers are reaching us in the end of their search of a reliable manufacturer partner, just as you are reading here right now, our clients have redirected to us from feedbacks, references or from the products we have been manufactured. We believe that if we will

do our business as best as we can, customers will find us no matter where they are located. 


     Deep Fashion Studio employs different designers for  each product types .With the production experience, knowledge and corporate culture built up over the years and the advantage of working with different clients from different geographies, this design team is able to evaluate the clients’ requests in the most correct way and turn them into products.  Our team keeps abreast of global fashion trends by continually travelling abroad and forging international links and sourcing the latest trends. 


     Production process can be implemented in 3 ways.


  • Our design team can prepare designs according to brand identity and demands of our clients.

  • Working on the files submitted by our clients, we can turn our clients’ demands into products.

  • In compliance with the samples presented by our clients, we can produce the duplicates or similar products


      The patterns of the products designed are produced according to the measurement tables and special demands of the client, in a very short time. Our department produces the patterns of various products such as shirts , t-shirts ,tops , pyjama , homewear ,underwear , lingerie , socks , scarf , bathrobes etc.. and hands it to our sampling department with appropriate quality of raw material .


      We guarantee our clients the highest standards in quality and service. We are equipped with the most up-to-date technology to offer clients the best options, advantageous pricing and place an keen emphasis on keeping production lead times very short.

      All steps from design to production, through to delivery are followed attentively by our experienced team, while we maintain solid communication with our clients .


      Our company specialises in various garments including Menswear-Womenswear-kidswear under the following categories:



  •  Pyjama -Homewear -Bathrobe

  •  Lingerie      

  •  Knitwear

  •  Shirt

  •  T-shirts - Tops

  •  Seamless Underwear - Sportswear.

  •  Socks - Scarf

  •  Swimwear 



     Thank you ...


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