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Deep Fashion's fully integrated manufacturing process demonstrates our commitment to quality from beginning to end.

With our subcontracted fully integrated manufacture , we are able to produce up to 150.000 Lingeries / nightgowns a  month.


Design process can be implemented in 3 ways.

  • Our design team can prepare designs according to brand identity and demands of our clients.

  • Working on the files submitted by our clients, we can turn our clients’ demands into products.

  • In compliance with the samples presented by our clients, we can produce the duplicates or similar products


*Stocks are available 

           Lingerie / Nightgown / Boxer 

Deep Fashion Studio

Brassiere Using different fabrics like laces, micro, modal and cotton, we are producing brassieres in forms of padded, wired, strapless, push-up, unicup, maximiser, big size, bonding, minimiser and multifunction.

Deep Fashion Studio

Underpants We can produce different forms of underpants, such as slips, strings, tanga, Brazilian, high waist, low rise, boxer, minimiser and bonding.

Deep Fashion Studio

Body Shortsleeve and longsleeve Bodies produced using laces, micro and modal fabrics are irreplaceable pieces of our collections.

Deep Fashion Studio

Night Gown Using different fabrics, such as viscon, modal, cotton or satin, we are producing daily wear or printed night gowns.


Boxer shorts We present figured or classic boxer shorts produced using fabrics with cotton, modal, lycra and with or without elastic bands.

Deep Fashion Studio

Bonding By using bonding technology, we produce seamless product groups like brassiere, underpants, undershirts, t-shirts and boxers.

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