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Pyjama / Homewear 

Deep Fashion's fully integrated manufacturing process demonstrates our commitment to quality from beginning to end.

With our subcontracted fully integrated manufacture , we are able to produce up to 100.000 Pyjama / Homewear a months.


Deep Fashion Studio employs different designers for  pyjamas and homewear products. With the production experience, knowledge and corporate culture built up over the years and the advantage of working with different clients from different geographies, this design team is able to evaluate the clients’ requests in the most correct way and turn them into products. On the basis of all of these, we offer our customers over 400 designs consisting of underwear clothing, pyjamas, house dresses, street wear and functional products, which are renewed annually.


Design process can be implemented in 3 ways.

  • Our design team can prepare designs according to brand identity and demands of our clients.

  • Working on the files submitted by our clients, we can turn our clients demands into products.

  • In compliance with the samples presented by our clients, we can produce the duplicates or similar products.


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